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Kick off of XX IPPC ATHENS, 1-5 July, 2024
25 November, 2022

Local organizing and scientific committee (LOSC)
In 25 November, 2022, the kickoff meeting of the Local organizing and scientific committee (LOSC) took place at the Agricultural University of Athens (AUA)

Members of the local organizing and scientific committee (LOSC) with the Chair of XX IPPCAthens2024, Prof. Eris Tjamos, the Vise Rector of AUA I. Chatzipavlidis, the Ex-Vise Rector of AUA Prof. E. Paplomatas and the Member of the Board of the Directors of AUA Prof. D. Tsitsigiannis attended virtually or via a zoom platform the new kick off meeting of the LOSC, which took place at the Agricultural University of Athens. 

The LOSC discussed various organizational matters and exchanged ideas on the scientific programm. The proposals on Plenary and Concurrent Sessions, worked out by several subcommittees during the year, have been already finalized, after taking into account all the proposed suggestions by IAPPS Board members and the members of the Greek organizing and scientific committee.

The proposals were submitted to the IAPPS BOARD for its final evaluation and further instructions.

Prof. Eris Tjamos is in close contact with the General Secretary of IAPPS Prof. Elvis Heinrichs, for continuous consultation and exchange of ideas on various organizational matters of the Congress.

Eris Tjamos