1. Unlocking the potential of microbiomes for sustainable agriculture

Role Name Lecture title
Organizer - Speaker Altier Nora Final considerations: How do microbiomes contribute to the plant protection sciences and the concept of One Health?
Organizer Eduardo Abreo Microbiomes in agricultural settings: invisible partners revealed
Organizer - Speaker Linda Kinkel What Determined The Functional Capacities Of Endophytic And Soil Microbiomes?
Lead speaker Víctor Carrión Unlocking the secrets of plant microbiomes
Speaker Gabriele Berg Microbiome Innovations To Support Plant And One Health
Speaker Rodrigo Mendes Pathogen Fungal Invasion Shapes Rhizosphere Microbiome And Disease Suppression
Speaker Doreen Babin Managing soil and plant-associated microbiomes in agroecosystems
Speaker Patricia Vaz The microbiomes of South American Pampa grasslands and their responses to common agricultural practices
Speaker Sofia Victoria Prieto Variable Effect Of Microbiome Manipulation In The Southern Green Stink Bug Nezara Viridula And Its Implications For The Symbiotic Control
Speaker Melissa Uribe Acosta ”Cry For Help” Upon Pathogen Attack Across The Brassicaceae Family
Speaker Nataliia Khomutovska Continental Screening Of The Biocontrol Yeast Aureobasidium Pullulans Across Europe: The Case For Local Adaptation And Mining