1-IVS. Recent Advances in Verticillium Biology through Genomics

Role Name Lecture title
Speaker Xiaoping Hu Mechanism of Cotton Leaf Defoliation Caused by Verticillium dahliae defoliating strain
Speaker Chen Tang Molecular insights into the Verticillium dahliae - smoke tree interactions
Speaker Dandan Zhang Secretome: the miraculous arsenal of Verticillium dahliae during host infection
Speaker Steve Klosterman Comparative genomics distinguishes microsclerotia-producing and non-microsclerotia-producing Verticillium species
Speaker Wenwen Li The Kss1 Of Verticillium Dahliae Regulates Virulence, Microsclerotia Formation, And Nitrogen Metabolism
Speaker Georgios Patsis Unraveling The Role Of Mitochondrial Ef-Tu In The Pathogenesis And Heat Stress Adaptation Of The Vascular Pathogen Verticillium Dahliae