10B. Impact and control of transboundary/invasive pests

Speaker Yoshihiko Shimono The role of weed seed contamination in grain commodities as propagule pressure
Speaker Kyoko Watanabe Challenge to Fusarium wilt of banana and pod rot of cacao in the Philippines
Speaker Liliana Maria Aragon Caballero Diseases Occurring in Banana Cultivation in Peru and Their Control
Speaker Nga Nguyen Thi Thu Important bacterial diseases on rice, vegetables and fruits in Southern Vietnam and their management
Speaker Ho Le Thi Exploring the Weed-Inhibitory Potential of Cosmos spp. Extracts on Selected Paddy Weeds
Speaker Le Van Vang Sex pheromones: an effective tool for sustainable management of agricultural harmful insect pests in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam
Speaker Dionisio Alvindia Status of banana and cacao industry in the Philippines
Speaker Ioly Kotta-Loizou A mycovirus induces systemic resistance in oilseed rape against phoma stem canker
Speaker Lijun Liu Establishment And Application Of Edna-Based Molecular Identification Methods For Three Important Fruit-Boring Moths
Speaker Michael Otim The Effect Of Insecticide Spray Regimes On Fall Armyworm Damage And Maize Grain Yield
Speaker Adi Kliot The Interplay Between Climate Change And Pesticide Resistance: The Case Study Of The Two-Spotted Spider Mite