11. Canker disease of fruit, nut and vine crops

Role Name Lecture title
Speaker/Organizer Michailidis Themis Canker Diseases of Nut Crops Caused by Botryosphaeriaceae in California
Speaker Florent Trouillas Epidemiology and management of fungal canker diseases of sweet cherry in California
Speaker Vladimiro Guarnaccia Fungal pathogens causing trunk diseases in Northern Italy, species diversity and temperature interaction
Speaker Josep Armengol Fungal trunk and canker diseases of fruit, nut and vine crops in Spain: Causes and solutions
Speaker Giorgio Gusella Status of citrus canker disease in Sicily
Speaker Maria Isabel Márquez Pérez From branch canker to “Escudete” olive diseases caused by Botryosphaeriaceae
Speaker Carlos Agusti Brisach Canker diseases in olive and tree nuts in southern Spain
Speaker Florence Fontaine Botryosphaeriaceae dieback agents: understanding of their aggressiveness and recent advances in management