14. Microbiomes and their role in plant pathology

Role Name Lecture title
Organizer/speaker Corné Pieterse The root microbiome and plant health
Organizer/speaker Ioannis Stringlis Plant-microbiome communication in the rhizosphere
Speaker Hanna Roeverich The roles of fungal effectors in microbiota manipulation
Speaker Omri Finkel Designing a balanced microbiome for disease protection
Speaker Kalliopi Papadopoulou Plant Microbiomes: Τackling (crop) plant diseases with molecular insights
Speaker Pantelides Iakovos From Suppressive Compost To Targeted Inoculants: Synthetic Microbial Communities Promote Tomato Growth And Disease Control
Keynote Speaker Jiayu Zhou Interplay Between Amaryllidaceae Alkaloids, The Bacteriome And Phytopathogens Of Lycoris Radiata
Keynote Speaker Andreas Von Tiedemann The Soil Bacterial Community Regulates Germination Of Plasmodiophora Brassicae Resting Spores Rather Than Root Exudates
Keynote Speaker Stefanos Testempasis Deciphering The Effects Of Agronomical Practices On Aspergillus Incidence And Carposphere’S Microbial Communities Of Grapevine
Keynote Speaker Li Gao Microbiome Signature Of Endophytes In Wheat Seed Response To Wheat Dwarf Bunt Caused By Tilletia Controversa Kühn