15. Components of IRM programs in an IPM framework

Role Name Lecture title
Organizer - Lead speaker Silvana Paula-Moraes Components of IRM programs in an IPM framework: introduction of the session, concepts, and objectives of the discussion
Speaker Francis Peter Fortnum Reay-Jones Resistance evolution to Bt maize in the southern United States: the case of the ubiquitous Helicoverpa zea
Speaker Johnnie Van Den Berg Managing The Changing Lepidoptera Maize Pest Complex In Africa: Short- and Long-Term Strategies
Speaker Katelyn A. Kesheimer Extension as an IPM tool: The Land Grant University program and its role in pest management
Speaker Dominic Reisig Farmers perspectives on information sources and IRM practices
Speaker Sally Taylor Supporting IPM/IRM for cost effective and environmentally acceptable practices in U.S. cotton production