16. Diseases in tree crops and forests

Role Name Lecture title
Speaker Georgios Vidalakis Citrus Viroids: Friends or Foes?
Speaker Giambattista Carluccio From Xylella Fastidiosa To Enterobacteriaceae: Investigating New Bacterial Threats In Southern Italy
Speaker Jochem Vink Molecular Biology Of Phytophthora In Forest Disease Management
Speaker Antonio Deidda Diversity And Control Of Phytophthora Species Associated With Widespread Dieback And Mortality Of Wild Olive Trees In Sardinia, Italy
Speaker Carolina Francia Twig Canker And Shoot Blight Disease Of Almond: Understanding The Biology Of Diaporthe Amygdali
Speaker Annya Ambrose Identification, Pathogenicity And Chemical Control Of Chrysoporthe Stem Canker Disease Of Eucalyptus Spp In Malaysia
Speaker Francisco Abel Guerrero Páez Effect Of Rainfall On The Dispersal Of Spores Of Venturia Oleaginea, The Causal Agent Of Olive Scab
Speaker Eugenios Agathokleous Protecting vegetation against ozone pollution
Speaker Jahangir Khan Diverse Organisms Cause Leaf And Stem Diseases In Macadamia Nursery Plants