2-IVS. Recent Advances in Verticillium wilt Management

Role Name Lecture title
Speaker Yonglin Wang Integrated management of the smoke tree wilt
Speaker Steve Klosterman Nitrogen Dioxide Treatments For Reducing Verticillium Dahliae In Spinach Seed /Nitrogen Dioxide Fumigation Reduces The Viability Of Verticillium Dahliae And Peronospora Effusa In Spinach Seeds
Speaker Krishna Subbarao Do we define races on the basis of single Avr genes or on their phylogenetic lineage?
Speaker Franco Nigro In vitro activity of essential oils against verticillium dahliae
Speaker Franco Nigro Essential oils as a new approach to manage verticillium wilt of tomato, eggplant, and olive under controlled conditions
Speaker Andreas Von Tiedemann Root exudates and soil bacteria are antagonistic regulators of dormancy and germination in verticillium longisporum microsclerotia
Speaker Lukas Doumanis Biological Control Of Verticillium Dahliae Using Endophytic Rhizobacteria From Olive Roots