20A. Biopesticides and biofertilizers

Role Name Lecture title
Organizer - Speaker Sotiris Tjamos Bacillus velezensis K165: a multitask biocontrol agent
Organizer - Speaker Panos Sarris Endophytic microbes of Halophytes: A source of Biocontrol agents for both Biotic and Abiotic stress
Speaker Jane Debode How to combine Trichoderma-based biocontrol products with other non-chemical methods
Speaker Gerardo Puopolo Microbe-microbe interactions in the rhizosphere influence biocontrol activity of Lysobacter capsici AZ78 by modulating its metabolome and transcriptome
Speaker Silvia Proietti Tomato-beneficial fungus-biotic stressor interaction: untangle the complex network of molecular mechanisms by -omics studies
Speaker Guido Schnabel Synergism between biorationals and strategic low doses of DMI fungicides against important fruit crop diseases
Speaker Stefan Tresch Biologicals in modern agricultural practices
Speaker Anastasia Tampakaki Enhancing Legume And Vegetable Growth And Health: Harnessing Microbial Biostimulants