3. Responses of plant genotypes to pathogens and development of novel techniques for improvement of crop resistance to diseases

Role Name Lecture title
Organizer - Lead Speaker Shuxian Li An Overview Of Research On Exploring Responses Of Plants To Pathogens And The Development Of Novel Techniques For Improvement Of Crop Resistance To Diseases
Speaker Tzion Fahima The Discovery Of Tandem Kinase R-Genes: Origin, Function, And Potential In Resistance Breeding
Speaker Petra Jorasch The potential of plant breeding innovation for improving biotic stress resistance in agricultural crops and vegetables
Speaker Qijian Song Development of high-throughput genotyping assays for genetic mapping of disease resistant genes and accelerating soybean and bean breeding for disease resistance
Speaker Maeli Melotto CRISPR/Cas9-assisted engineering for disease resistance
Speaker Rosemarie W. Hammond Strategies using Gene Silencing and CRISPR Tools in tomato to understand and improve plant defense against Viroids
Speaker Gilda Jonson Combating Rice Tungro-complex disease in Asia
Speaker Alicia Fick In Silico Prediction Of Plant Nlr- And Pathogen Effector Interactions Provides A Targeted Approach For Functional Characterization
Speaker Aaron Harvey In Silico Characterisation Of The Wak/Wakl Gene Family In Avocado And Implication In Defense Against Phytophthora Cinnamomi
Speaker Molina-Hidalgo F Molecular Basis Of Constitutive Defense Mechanisms Underlying Resistance To Verticillium Dahliae In The Ac18 Clone Of Wild Olive