3-IVS. Recent Advances in Verticillium - plant interaction

Role Name Lecture title
Organizers Epaminondas Paplomatas, Aliki Tzima
Speaker Epaminondas Paplomatas Nlp Protein Family Member Overexpression Increases
Speaker Roos Bex The Role Of 1-Aminocyclopropane-1- Carboxylic Acid (Acc) Biosynthesis And Degradation In The Verticillium Dahliaepepper Interaction
Speaker Sotiris Tjamos Enhancing Plant Defense Mechanisms: Immunization Effects Of Autoclaved Verticillium Dahliae Spores
Speaker Aliki Tzima Examining The Function Of An F-Box Protein In Verticillium Dahliae Pathogenic Behavior
Speaker Aliki Tzima The Vdsnf1 Gene Regulates Virulence And Metabolome Of The Wilt Fungus Verticillium Dahliae Affecting Its Perception By The Host Plant
Speaker Shirley Marcou Plant xylem metabolite and starch dynamics in the Verticillium dahliae -pepper interaction
Speaker Manolis Markakis Survival , persistence and infection efficiency of Verticillium Dahliae passed through the digestive system of sheep