30. Microbial interactions in ecosystems: negative or positive consequences on plant health

Role Name Lecture title
Lead Speaker Stéphane Compant Bacterial-fungal interactions and impacts on plant growth and health
Speaker Rana Haidar Bacteria associated with wood tissues in grapevines: functional diversity and synergy with Fomitiporia mediterranea to degrade wood components
Speaker Ouiza Mesguida Antagonistic mode of actions of grapevine wood-bacteria to biocontrol Fomi-poria mediterranea
Speaker Guido Schnabel Cultural management of Armillaria root rot in peach orchards
Speaker Richard Peters Impact Of Cropping Practices On The Incidence And Severity Of Potato Common Scab
Speaker Gerard Van Leeuwen Rest Material From The Potato Industry : Inactivation Of The Resting Spores Of Synchytrium Endobioticum, Causal Agent Of Potato Wart
Speaker Xiahong Lu Cylindrocarpon-Like Fungi Causing Ginseng Root Diseases In Northeast China
Speaker Mohamed Maizatul-Suriza The Impact Of Glufosinate Ammonium And Glyphosate Application To The Soil Fungal Diversity And Population Dynamics