36. Challenges in sustainable plant disease management in a changing climate

Role Name Lecture title
Organizer Markellou Emilia
Organizer Jay Ram Lamichhane
Lead Speaker Stephen Wegulo Influence of climate change on Fusarium head blight and associated
Speaker Vittorio Rossi, Giorgia Fedele Can mathematical models support grapevine disease management under climate change
Speaker Martin J. Barbetti Managing soilborne disease complexes of annual forage legumes in a changing climate
Speaker Daniel Bebber NEM-EMERGE: Tackling the emergence of tropical root knot nematodes in Europe
Speaker Kaitlyn Bissonnette Challenges Facing U.S. Cotton Production: A Focus On Pathogens And Nematodes
Speaker Annette Pfordt Trichoderma Ear Rot – Effect Of Temperature And Precipitation On A New Emerging Disease Of Maize In Europe
Speaker Jieru Fan Key Infection Stages Defending Heat Stress In High Temperature Resistant Blumeria Graminis F. Sp. Tritici
Speaker Aliki Tzima Investigating Colletotrichum Spp. From Greece For Growth Under Different Temperatures And Their Virulence On Flowers And Fruits Of Olive Cultivars
Speaker Wei Liu Genetic Structure And Exchange Of Blumeria Graminis F. Sp. Tritici Populations In China
Speaker Yilin Zhou Identification Of Wheat Stripe Rust Transport Pathways And Source Apportionment For Initial Re-Colonization On Winter-Wheat In Southern Henan Of China