37A. Recent advances in plant virology

Role Name Lecture title
Organizer - Speaker Xueping Zhou Knock-out of the virus replication-related genes UbEF1B and CCR4/NOT3 by CRISPR/Cas9 confers high-efficiency and broad-spectrum resistance to geminiviruses
Lead speaker Rosa Lozano-Durán Unravelling the plant manipulation by geminiviruses
Speaker Xiaofeng Wang Protein, lipid, and membrane interactions in positive-strand RNA virus genome replication
Speaker Fei Yan Occurrence, prevention and control of pepper virus diseases in China
Speaker Mark Zwart Strength in division: The costs and benefits of a multipartite genome organization in plant viruses
Speaker Andreas Voloudakis dsRNA-mediated resistance against plant viruses
Speaker Satish Bharathwaj Viswanathan Investigating Plant Persistent Viruses In Chilli Pepper