37B. Recent advances in plant virology

Role Name Lecture title
Speaker Fangfang Li The Rna Of Tobamovriuses Encoded Additional Viral Proteins
Speaker Fangfang Li Rna Polymerase Of Potyvirids Inhibit Plant Rna Rna Quality Control
Speaker Massimiliano Morelli Wisteria Vein Mosaic Virus: An Evolutionary-Based Case Study Approach To Trace The Emergence Of New Virus Threats
Speaker Ioannis Tzanetakis Development Of Pathogen-Mimicking Artificial Positive Controls (Pamapcs) And Their Application In Diagnostics
Speaker Lizbeth Peña-Zúñiga Two Attempts To Determine The Limit Of Detection Of Plant Viruses In Unassembled Hts Metagenomes
Speaker Ali Akhtar Emerging Viruses Infecting Pepper In Oklhaoma
Speaker Xiaofei Cheng Plant Viruses Of The Family Potyviridae Encode Viroporin
Speaker Sudeep Bag Evaluation Of Summer Squash (Cucurbita Pepo L) For Resistance Against Emerging Criniviruses