38. Precision agriculture and remote sensing for future plant disease management

Role Name Lecture title
Organizer Spyros Fountas AI-Driven Prescription Spraying Maps: Pioneering Herbicide Reduction in Precision Agriculture
Speaker Vasilis Psiroukis Optimizing Crop Protection: A Comprehensive Study of Spraying Drones in Vineyards
Speaker Marco Grella Can spray application technological improvements contribute to pesticide use and risk-related reduction?
Speaker Dimitris Tsitsigiannis Digital Technologies For Plant Health, Early Detection, Territory Surveillance And Phytosanitary Measures
Speaker Itziar Egusquiza Synthetic Data Generation For Enhanced Weed And Crop Species Detection
Speaker Ioannis Glykos Precision Weed Management And Crop Cover Analysis And Weed Identification In Agriculture: Using Cnns For Enhanced Practises
Speaker Mia Berelson Air-Seq: A New Tool For Detecting Airborne Pathogens
Speaker M.Teresa Garcia-Lopez Early Detection Of Verticillium Wilt Of Olive: Analyzing The Intact Leaf Spectra From The Visible-Near Infrared Range In The Field
Speaker Giorgio Sperandio Testing Innovative Spraying Systems For Mitigating The Impacts Of Lobesia Botrana (Denis & Schiff.)
Speaker Lorenzo Pippi Hyperspectral Detection Of Singular/Interactive Effects Of Simulated Tree Shading And Alternaria Alternata Infection On Sorghum Bicolor Under Field Conditions
Speaker M.Teresa Garcia-Lopez Evaluation Of Frost Tolerance In Olive (Olea Europaea L.) Cultivars: Integrating Acclimation Dynamics Through Visual And Fluorometric Analysis
Speaker Antonis Tsagkarakis Machine Learning Techniques Using Airborne Multispectral Data For Detection Of Infestation Detection By Xylotrechus Chinensis (Chevrolat) (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) In Mulberries