47. Molecular Plant Microbe Interactions

Role Name Lecture title
Speaker Nikolaos Mastrodimos Characterising A Small, Secreted, Protein From The Wheat Pathogen Zymoseptoria Tritici By Ectopic Expression In Arabidopsis
Speaker Anastasia Venieraki Diversity Of Bacillus Amyloliquefaciens Group Species Secondary Metabolites Biosynthetic Gene Clusters Involved In Plant Protection - An Evolutionary Perspective
Speaker Theoni Margaritopoulou All Pathways Lead To Degradation: The Ubiquitinated Relationship Of Host-Pathogen Interaction And Induced Resistance
Speaker Yongli Qiao Phytophthora Sojae Boosts Host Trehalose Accumulation To Acquire Carbon And Initiate Infection
Speaker Yuxing Wu Velvet Family Protein Fpvelb Affects Virulence In Association With Secondary Metabolism In Fusarium Pseudograminearum
Speaker Najeeb Ullah Xopg2 Effector Of Xanthomonas Campestris Pv. Campestris Is A Major Race 5 Determinant
Speaker Evan Buckner In Silico Detection Of Rhizoctonia Solani Strain Ag-1 On Cannabis Sativa L. With Edna
Speaker Shu-Hua Hsu Beneficial Pseudomonas Hijacks Plant-Wide Transcription To Induce Coumarin-Dependent Systemic Resistance
Speaker Venetia Psarra Investigating The Early Response Of Pepper Against Potato Virus Y
Speaker Christos Kerezoudis Mining The Effect Of Biostimulants And Plant Protection Products (Ppps) On Cannabis (Cannabis Sativa) Metabolism Applying Metabolomics
Speaker Evgenia-Anna Papadopoulou In Planta Investigation Of The Mechanism Of Action Of A Bacillus Sp. Endophyte Applying Metabolomics