49.Endophytes as bioinsecticides

Role Name Lecture title
Organizer-Speaker Spiridon Mantzoukas Endophytic Entomopathogenic Fungi: Past, Present and Future Prospects
Speaker Ioannis Lagogiannis Search of endophytic entomopathogenic fungi from suburban green spaces in Achaia
Speaker Z.Gonou-Zagou Entomopathogenic fungal endophytes. Their diversity in Greece
Speaker Foteini Kitsiou Effects of the entomopathogenic endophyte Beauveria bassiana on growth and photosynthetic performance of three Brassica oleracea varieties
Speaker Panos V. Petrakis Endophytes: Entomopathogenic fungi as an emerging biological control agents of forest and agricultural plant
Speaker Vassili Kouvelis Endophytic endomopathogenic fungi: what comparative genomics of Metarhizium brunneum reveal.