4A. Grapevine trunk diseases

Role Name Lecture title
Speaker Gramaje David Recent advances in the management of grapevine trunk diseases
Speaker Aiello Dalia Grapevine Trunk diseases affecting table grape: current knowledge and future perspectives in Italy
Speaker Eskalen Akif Current etiology of Aspergillus Vine Canker and Sour Rot of table grapes in California
Speaker Fontaine Florence Strategies for the development of a new formulation friendly for the environment and preliminary results from greenhouse to vineyard
Speaker Di Marco Stefano Effect of macro and micro elements on Esca of grapevine
Speaker AleŇ° Eichmeier Antifungal Effects of Nanocomposites Against Fungal Trunk Pathogens
Speaker Rey Patrice Agroecological Protection To Control Esca, A Grapevine Trunk Disease
Speaker Kanetis Loukas The status of grapevine trunk diseases in Cyprus: Etiology and disease management efforts