4B. Grapevine trunk diseases

Role Name Lecture title
Speaker Akgul Soner An overview of grapevine trunk disease and Fusarium root-basal rot pathogens in Turkish grapevine nurseries
Speaker Jacques Alban Understanding early responses to esca associated pathogens of grapevine wood tissues: a way to open curtains on mechanisms of action of biocontrol agents
Speaker Alessandro Puca Fomitiporia wood degrading activity: a new vision in Esca disease?
Speaker Alessandro Puca Around The World In Eight White Rot Species: Understanding Wood Degradation In Esca Complex Of Diseases
Speaker Lisa Chaboussie The Oomycete Biocontrol Agent, Pythium Oligandrum: Root Colonization In Worldwide Vineyards And Control Of Grapevine Trunk Diseases
Speaker Philippe Rolshausen Infection Routes For Pathogens Causing Grapevine Trunk Diseases In California Nursery
Speaker AleŇ° Eichmeier Antifungal Effect Of Cu Based Nanocomposites Against Fungal Trunk Pathogens
Speaker Sanja Baric Identification And Characterization Of Fungal Species Associated With Grapevine Trunk Disease In South Tyrol (Northern Italy)
Speaker Christos Tsoukas Development Of A Biocontrol-Based Strategy For The Management Of Phaeomoniella Chlamydospora In Grapevine Nurseries