52. Frost damage mitigation strategies for crops, organized by project LIFE-FROSTDEFEND

Role Name Lecture title
Speaker Jean-François Berthoumieu How could the energy of the soil contribute to reduce or increase the risk of frost? The experience on wine yards and orchards in the South-West of France.
Speaker Dimitrios Georgakopoulos The Life-Frostdefend project: creation of a forecasting tool for frost damage risk and mitigation actions for tree crops
Speaker Lia Lamacque Developing frost risks indicators for apricot trees
Speaker Steven E. Lindow Strategies and factors facilitating the reduction of bacterial ice nuclei on plants for the control of frost injury to sensitive plants
Speaker Khalil Geballa-Koukoulas Epiphytic and aerial ice nucleation active bacteria in lemon tree orchards
Speaker Dusart Nicolas Understanding Frost Vulnerability In Citrus Crops: Exploring The Interplay Of Plant Susceptibility And Ice-Nucleating Bacteria