8. Networking tools to manage transboundary pests

Role Name Lecture title
Co-Organizer - Speaker Daren Mueller Enhancing crop protection: the collaborative impact of the crop protection network (CPN)
Speaker Lynnae Jess Networking for effective integrated pest management: spotlight on working groups and pest management strategic plans in the regional ipm centers
Speaker Brandon Kleinke Youtube transforms IPM education: from insights to action
Speaker Michael Flessner Integrated weed management with grow: getting rid of weeds
Speaker Kaitlyn M. Bissonnette Developing tools to empower stakeholders for effective pest management and ecosystem health
Speaker Marty Draper Betworking tactical sciences in the united states to enhance plant and animal biosecurity
Speaker Zachary Schumm The national plant diagnostic network: transregional collaborations for plant protection in the united states
Speaker Sam Markell How a public-private partnership changed the management of a billion-dollar pest: the SCN coalition