1. Molecular diagnostics for evidence based rational use of pesticides, in the european green deal era
Prof. John Vontas GREECE
2. Enabling sustainable agriculture through understanding and enhancement of microbiomes
Dr. Victor Carrion SPAIN
3. Applying chemical ecology for environmentally friendly strategies to control insect pests 
Prof. Walter Leal USA
4. Impact and control of transboundary/invasive banana wilt pathogen, Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense
Prof. Arie Tsutomu JAPAN
5. Microbial pesticides: Discovery, piloting and scaling up in Africa
Dr. Sunday Ekesi ΚΕΝΥΑ
6. Sustainable weed management
Prof. Nilda R. Burgos USA
7. Coordinated approach for transboundary plant pest and disease management
Dr. Shoki Al-Dobai FAO
8. Food security in Africa needs policy support for sustainable plant health management
Prof. Christian Borgemeister GERMANY
9. Strategies for developing and implementing digital identification tools
Amanda Redford USA
10. Cross-kingdom RNA trafficking between plants and fungal pathogens
Hailing Jin USA